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First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page and considering becoming an OFFICIAL KICKER! 

I've always loved martial arts and knew there were others like me, but I would have never guessed anyone would be willing to lend a helping hand and support what I'm trying to create! 

MISSION: Inspire the next generation of martial artists by combining the new and traditional styles of martial arts in training, application, and entertaining performance.


    • Share martial arts “Tips & Tricks” through discussions and video tutorials

    • Share my own personal experiences in training through vlogging in hopes to connect with others who wish to pursue the same


    • Participate in tournaments to put my skill sets and training to the test

    • Encourage others to do the same through vlogsseminarsteaching opportunities


    • Choreograph creative martial arts performances to showcase live or on film

    • Create original narrative driven content inspired by martial arts action and personal experiences