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Hey Kickers!

So it’s #backtothebasics !

2019 I’ve decided to do more personal development and growth. I am pursing my own path in martial arts. I’m both excited and scared of what’s to come, but one of the many lessons I’m trying to learn is not to be scared of failure and being able to stand tall for myself.

I’m tackling a lot of things that are pushing my comfort zones, but looking at the big picture, I’m sure that this will take me to higher places.

AJKICK101 is going to share the vision I always had in terms of bringing martial arts and entertainment together as earnestly and authentically as possible.

I admit, I am part of a newer generation of martial arts that relishes in the FLASHINESS and TRICKING, but I’d like to think that I have the respect and the ideals close to traditional martial arts.

I’ve always wanted to blend those two together to reinvigorate martial arts for generations to come.

I’ve been in love with martial arts as a kid watching heroes like the Power Rangers and Jackie Chan. I’ve always wanted to be like the heroes I saw on screen and luckily I have that opportunity to be like them through youtube and indie film projects. I am still pursuing that dream.

My martial arts currently might be considered only for performance, but I am training towards becoming an adept fighter. What good is all the flash if you can’t even use it for what it was originally intended for —- COMBAT!

Kickers, I’m sharing with you all the creative ideas, training montages, success and struggles I’m about to encounter this year.

My hope is to connect with people by sharing my journey in the martial arts. The lessons that I learn could help you in pursuing your own martial arts journey. That in and of itself is a rewarding feeling to know I can make an impact on someone else’s life.

Kickers, thank you so much for all the support and I hope I can continue to inspire others. Stay tune for future blogs for more thoughts and discussions!

And remember…
#keeponkicking !